“Bosso will rise again” Joel Luphahla

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Personal Life

Date of birth – 26 April 1977


Joel Luphahla, “Dubai” played as a midfielder for Highlanders from 1998 to 2000 .During his soccer days, at Highlanders FC,  he worked alongside Tabani Masawi, Zenzo Moyo and in the National team he played with Peter Ndlovu, Ronald Gidiza, the late Blessing Makunike,Dinha, SaMandlo and Kapini.

He played for local and international teams where he gained his knowledge. After retiring as a midfielder, he started his coaching career. He started his career as a coach for Caps United with Lloyd Chitembwe and in March 2022, he joined Highlanders FC from Golden Eagles as an Assistant Coach to Mandla “Lulue” Mpofu. After the dismissal of Coach Mandla “Lulu” Mpofu. He served as the club’s Interim coach. During that period, he was in charge of 2 games, the first game was an away game against ZPC Kariba FC which was a draw of zero (0). The second game which was his last game as Interim coach was against Harare City Fc. The boys collected maximum points against the Sunshine boys, winning 1-0.

What makes a good player?

A good soccer player is defined more by ambition and discipline. Ambition bears the drive and the will to succeed because football at times can be stressful and difficult especially when the team loses a match. Drive keeps players going while discipline keeps them grounded.

How do you develop a game plan?

“I develop my game plan from the opposition that I will be facing and also on the type of players I have, because I believe a good coach plans on what he has at his disposal to avoid a situation where you play like Liverpool when you have Everton kind of players”

What makes a good coach?

A quality coach must always be fair and firm on his beliefs and philosophy, it doesn’t matter how small or big the team is.

What were your greatest achievements in football?

My greatest achievement was leaving Tshodifa (Tsholotsho Football League) and signing to Highlanders FC.

What is your typical practise day like?

I am a firm believer of possession football, my practice is more on keeping possession. To achieve that, we must win possession first so we work on pressing without the football and when accomplish that, we possess the ball with the purpose to score goals.

Bosso will rise again: A  prophecy?

It is true I said Bosso will rise again because this is a sleeping giant and giants have such traits to switch off but when they rise they rise to remain giants, AC Milan switched for almost 15years but this year they rose from ashes. The win against Harare City FC was for the players and our fans, the fans were unbelievable and they deserve all the glory that came with the win. When I said we will rise I meant that we will work hard together as the Bosso family to put it back where it belongs.

How do you select your starting 11?

I select my starting 11 based on the last match performance and weekly training performances.

How does it feel coaching a team you once played for?

To come here and be able to be given an opportunity to coach my boyhood club means a lot to me. I am overwhelmed by the support, the fans appreciate my efforts and I feel appreciated by everybody who is Bosso.

Your greatest moments in football

Representing Zimbabwe at AFCON in 2004 and scoring one of the best goals in that tournament and returning again in 2006 were some of the major highlights in my footballer career.

What would you want to change now as a coach?

I think what I can only change or correct from my previous coaches “yikugijimisa abafana”, because football since evolved.

Are the players still the same from your days?

It’s difficult to compare our generation with this current team because football has evolved a great deal, we lived for football, and there were less distractions than now. However, I am proud of the current Bosso boys, they are a bunch of good lads.

Are the fans still the same?

Highlanders FC will always be Bosso. Yes we used to fill-up BF but our fans have remained the same Bosso fans we had. I like the guy who always run from Soweto to Mpilo end, when I see him whilst am on the dugout I feel the adrenaline, I love it when our fans clap hands and say Bosso together and that alone reminds me of the  fans of yesteryear.