Call for unity of purpose


21 May 2021

Press Release

We would like to thank Highlanders members and fans for their commendable conduct prior, during and after the club’s elective congress which ushered in a new Executive Committee Leadership led by Chairman Mr Johnfat Sibanda.

In the same congress, Morgen Dube was elected Executive Committee Secretary whilst Mgcini Mafu was elected into the office of Executive Committee Member. During the period, members and fans conducted themselves peacefully, showing the world that we are not only the oldest club in Zimbabwe, but that we are also torch bearers when it comes to observing democracy in the sports ecosystem.

We have always tried, even under the most difficult circumstances, to religiously adhere to the club’s constitution as we did yet again in the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a club, our constitution is designed in a way that allows for periodical change of leadership through a democratic process.

This democracy affords bonafide members of the club the opportunity to elect their preferred candidates into office. This is a process which the club has religiously followed since time immemorial, and as a result, different leaders, in different epochs have emerged, served the club and passed on the button stick – and in most cases, became more than just members, but an important spiderweb of networks that the club has utilised for its survival.

The current scenario is no exception. Against this background, we would like to remind members that the elections are now behind us, and the outcome does not make some members and fans more Highlanders than others but equal sons and daughters of the same great institution that has been bequeathed by one generation to the next as we will do. We do not only say ‘At Highlanders we are one’, but at Highlanders we are all equal.

It is the nature of a democracy for people to disagree in opinion, but those differences should not make us enemies. There is more that unites us than what may divide us. We have a very beautiful culture, which up to today, remains an envy of many clubs in the country and beyond our borders – unity.

As the club navigates its way out of these difficult times brought to bear by Covid-19, a global pandemic which ferociously hit the world and almost brought even the economies of global giants onto their knees, we would like to encourage members and fans to sharpen their sense of belonging and embrace the sense of unity which is the quintessence of Highlanders Football Club.

We are already in full stride preparing for the start of the new football season, which kick-starts on May 22. We have assembled a good squad which we believe, with adequate support from everyone, can compete for silverware. We therefore kindly implore you all to rally behind the club leadership and the team for us to achieve the desired results both, on and off the pitch.

We owe a successful, united and growing Highlanders to our grandchildren and generations to come. Unity and stoic determination will see us emerge stronger together.


At Highlanders We Are One!!


By the order of the Executive Committee