Chairman confirms Prince Dube transfer conversations

“I confirm that our club is at the tail end of conversations for the possible transfer of Prince Mpumelelo Dube to a club outside our borders. The deal will benefit both the club and the player in the immediate and in the long run. It was always the desire of both parties to secure a route into European leagues for the young striker hence the careful consideration given to the arrangement currently in process,”

“The negotiations are in line with one of the objectives of the club’s business side – moving players to competitive leagues. Initially, the club and Prince had envisaged the player’s direct move to European leagues, but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, a pandemic that brought the world to a standstill, both parties had to consider other avenues,”

“Dube has pending trial invitations in Europe, which have however, been elongated because of global movement restrictions due to Coronavirus. Cognisant of the fact that these trials’ immediate success is not guaranteed, the club and the player have agreed to listen to other offers,”

“To set the record straight, the club leadership has been privy to the development hence today’s engagement, after the player, his family and his manager Mr. Gibson Mahachi had finally acceded to the offer thus clearing the impediment and freeing the club’s hand to engage the pursuing club fully. We, at all times attempt to prosecute our business with caution and confidentiality,”

“A confirmation of the transfer, should it be successful, will be announced shortly.
I would like to conclude by calling for calm from our members, fans and other stakeholders as we are still navigating this difficult Covid – 19 period,” he concluded.