Club chairman Kenneth Mhlophe’s debt clearance campaign statement

I take this opportunity to thank Highlanders members, fans and sympathisers dotted all over the world, for their amazing contribution towards the crowdfunding initiative targeting the club’s legacy debt.

This collaborative effort between the Highlanders leadership and its members removes a heavy burden off the club, setting a conducive environment for the club’s new trajectory.

After receiving an update on the incoming deposit on Friday, we will be paying out as soon as it is reflected in the relevant special purpose account after the holiday.

This means that all relevant confirmations will be done in due course after payment is effected and reconciliation process finalized.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Chapters, Fan groups, and individuals who have been coordinating this initiative from their various bases.

Without your commitment, this historic feet could have been elongated, as a result, delaying the club’s movement towards a new trajectory.

We are always stronger together, and as our common moniker aptly sums it up, uBuhle BeBosso Ngabandeli Bayo.

Thank you!

K. Mhlophe
Executive Chairman
Highlanders Football Club